Monday, February 08, 2010

Become a Sponsor of The 400 Year Project

Good Afternoon, Billion Dollar Business Creators!

Are you feeling motivated this afternoon?

I know that I am!

I have exciting news for you about The 400 Year Project (the program designed to accelerate the rate of world-wide improvements by 20 times).

As I described in Adventures of an Optimist (BookSurge, 2007), one of the important aspects of implementing the project will be to prepare one million tutors who can assist organizations and individuals around the world to make the exponential breakthroughs that I have been writing about since 1995.

To facilitate that implementation step, I have begun
writing a new book, Help Wanted, that describes the kinds of tutors needed and what they should be working on. My plan is to publish that book and make it widely available before the end of 2010.

Tutors are needed to work on the following opportunities:


-congregational ministries

-Christian non-profit organizations

-universities and colleges

-teachers and their unions

-voluntary associations for children


-social-benefit-focused enterprises


-for-profit enterprises

-productivity-enhancement professionals

-lifting entrepreneurial effectiveness

While some individuals may wish to engage in this work
on their own, I anticipate that many organizations will wish to sponsor an aspect of The 400 Year Project
to show their commitment to enhancing spiritual and social improvement while gaining competitive advantages over those who prefer to stick with traditional methods.

Beginning now, I am willing to accept sponsors and to
help them apply the project's most advanced knowledge to their opportunities. Part of such sponsorships will be to prepare tutors skilled in particular applications of creating 2,000 percent (and higher order) solutions with the same time, effort, and resources.

I welcome all inquiries and will be glad to answer any questions you have. Please feel free to share this message with anyone you wish.

May God bless you, your family, and all you do in the name of Jesus!

With best regards, much appreciation, and all good wishes,

Donald W. Mitchell
The 400 Year Project

Copyright 2010 Donald W. Mitchell

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