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Investigate the Legacy You Want to Leave by Developing Your Billion Dollar Business

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The Billionaire Entrepreneurs' Master Mind
has been operating for two months now. As a potential member of the group, you're probably wondering what you missed.

Every week, members receive a briefing to work on that helps them shape their billion dollar enterprise.

I thought you might find it interesting to see one.

I also hope you'll take the time to work on the assignments. They could make life-changing improvements for you and millions of others.





Master Mind

Week Nine Briefing:

Your Legacy

Welcome back to The Billionaire Entrepreneurs’ Master Mind! We are glad to have you as a member and to share this ninth briefing with you.

You will be receiving a total of 50 briefing documents in your first year of membership. You will probably enhance your benefits from this membership if you make it a practice to read these briefings within a week of receiving them. You will probably gain even more benefits if you review the lastest briefing for five minutes before retiring at night. While you sleep, your subconscious will develop wonderful new solutions for you.

We will also be holding discussions of these same subjects twice a month, and you will gain more from the discussions if you have already been thinking about the subject. Briefings are designed to help you start your investigation of your best opportunities to create a billion-dollar enterprise.


I selected this week's briefing topic after teaching a local course in entrepreneurship last night. We were talking about setting objectives from the perspective of having already succeeded. The entrepreneurs in the room were asked to pick the five goals that they could have chosen now that would have most likely led to the success that they had already gained $400 million as one of my most successful clients had done through a similar form of entrepreneurship).

The second goal they wanted to set for themselves was to have a positive effect on their community as a result of their entrepreneurship. Obviously, they wanted to accomplish something more than making money.

From this goal, I recalled goal setting exercises that I had done with Tony Robbins and Jack Canfield that had a large impact on my thinking. The two exercises were somewhat similar. You basically were seeing yourself as Scrooge did during A Christmas Carol as the third ghost showed Scrooge the future where Tiny Tim would be dead along with Scrooge, and no one would mourn Scrooge.

It occurred to me that you may not have done such an exercise. It’s wonderful for helping you focus on your legacy. But you may have. So I designed my own version of the exercise for the master mind. I hope you like it.

Here are questions you should consider in terms of your entrepreneurial goals. As you answer these questions, feel free to seek spiritual guidance, discuss your feelings with family and friends, and read current materials about past titans of business who were important over 100 years ago:

What Will People Say about You at Your Funeral?

A good place to begin is to imagine who will attend. Why will they have decided to come that day? While they are waiting for the ceremony to begin, what will they say when they mention you?

Action Step: Write the elegy for your funeral as you would like it to be given by the person you would like to play that role.

What Will Be Said about Your Billion Dollar
Enterprise on the Day after You Die?

Since you’ve been very successful in establishing such a large organization, the subject will undoubtedly come up. Obviously, you will be recognized for that accomplishment. But what will be said of the importance of the enterprise itself?

Action Step: Write a news story about the significance of your billion dollar enterprise as it might be written in a section of your obituary in your home town newspaper.

One Hundred Years after You Die, What Difference Will Your
Enterprise Have Made?

It’s now the centennial of your death. A news story is being written to describe the influence that your enterprise has had, both good and bad. What will be said then?

Action Step: Write that news story as it might appear in various publications that you respect.

What Will Your Relatives Say about Hear the Significance of What You Accomplished during Your Family’s Annual Reunion 100 Years from Now?

Most family reunions inevitably bring up the subject of those who have passed on, commenting on what made them memorable. The oldsters share what they remember with the young sprouts.

Action Step: Write out what you would like your great grandchildren to say about you at that reunion.


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