Monday, April 03, 2006

Two Month Update on Member Progress

Good morning, Billion Dollar Business Creators!

Are you feeling motivated this morning?

I certainly hope so. I know that I am!

The Billionaire Entrepreneurs' Master Mind
has been operating for two months now. As a potential member of the group, you're probably wondering what you missed.

The group is off to a much faster start than any other master mind I have been involved with. Within two weeks, this group had made more progress than a master mind that I joined through Jack Canfield has accomplished over seven months.

Most members have submitted their initial business models and plans to me for evaluation. In each case, those reviews picked up major flaws in direction that would probably have prevented the business from developing into billion dollar potential. Members were happy to get this feedback before spending millions of dollars and years of effort to go off in the wrong direction. Many of the members report that these initial observations will save their companies tens of millions in the future.

In our weekly briefings, members have been reviewing their operations also from several new perspectives that they had not considered before. Most of these new points of view have added vast new markets that can be served by focusing on them sooner.

Members report getting lots of good ideas from the twice-monthly global teleconferences where members discuss how they are applying the briefings. In those sessions, we also share ideas to help people over the hump where they cannot see very many ways to apply these new perspectives.

The average member reports having made more progress as an entrepreneur in the last two months than in the previous five years. Most are spending less than five hours a week to make this progress which makes the master mind exceptionally time efficient.

A number of members are planning educationally related enterprises. To facilitate the growth of their credibility, I arranged for these members to become co-authors with Jack Canfield, John Grey, Bob Proctor, Alan Cohen, Richard Carlson and me in 101 Ways to Improve Your Life, Volume 2. This credential is already starting to open doors for the lesser known members.

Several members have decided that they would like to found non-English versions of the master mind. This means that we can look forward to expanding our global reach and understanding through these groups as well. I suspect that will make The Billionaire Entrepreneurs' Master Mind one of the few multilingual, global entrepreneurial networks.

We are excited about accomplishing even more in the next two months.

If you have ideas for how we can improve, please send me an e-mail at

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