Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Billionaire Entrepreneurs' Master Mind Is Now Operating and Accepting Membership Applications

Good morning, Billion Dollar Business Creators!

Are you feeling motivated this morning?

I certainly hope so. I know that I am!

Our members are off to a fast start today. They have just received their instructions to:

1. Select an optimal market for their billion dollar business and

2. Describe their business model and plan for comment in order to speed their progress towards a billion dollar business.

We are now setting up the schedule for tele-conferences to discuss these materials.

What are you doing today to start or develop your billion dollar business?

If you aren't working on that task, when will you?

The Billionaire Entrepreneurs' Master Mind will be adding a few members in February. If you want to be one of them, I encourage you to hesitate to procrastinate. While time passes, the value of your future enterprise is diminishing.

Here's how to apply:

1. Describe the market you want to address. Competitors are excluded from the group, and we need to be sure that your plans aren't in conflict with a member's plans.

2. Tell us something about your background as an entrepreneur, executive or manager.
That helps us understand if your background will allow you to feel comfortable in the group.

3. Share what you want to learn by belonging to the group. This helps us understand if your agenda fits what the group will be working on.

Send your answers to, and we'll respond within a few days. Label your subject line as "I Want to Apply to The Billionaire Entrepreneurs' Master Mind".

Pricing and more detailed information will be supplied to those who are qualified candidates to join.

Here's some background information to get you started:

I am going to lay out this subject in its simplest form. I invite you to add your questions as comments to this post. I will answer each one below so that others can gain from the same information.

Most billionaires don't try to launch their own new billion dollar businesses. Rather, they are more likely to invest in venture capital funds seeking high rates of appreciation. The odds are that of 30 businesses they invest in, 27 will never be worth much. Three will have some significant value . . . and none of them will become a billion dollar business.

Here's a typical situation:

The CEO of a start-up workstation company proudly displayed his products and business projections. An engineering consultant had validated the technical superiority of the company’s offerings. All would be well . . . if only another $30 million in capital could be raised to ramp up production.

A year later the company was out of business. Despite the company’s satisfaction with its offerings, not a single customer ever bought one of the company’s workstations. Investors were as unimpressed as the customers. The assets were sold off for two cents on the dollar.

Having met many successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs, I am constantly reminded that entrepreneurs may have more optimism than good ideas. Most entrepreneurs emphasize one potential customer advantage in their approach. Their approach falters when the company cannot deliver that advantage, customers are unimpressed or a competitor eliminates the entrepreneur’s edge.

Here’s a better approach for the 21st century: Create the right three 2,000 percent solutions and you’ll soon have a business worth over a billion even if you are starting with limited resources.

The three 2,000 percent solutions are:

1. A way to increase the size of the market by 20 times by improving benefits and/or reducing prices;

2. Reduce the company and stakeholder costs to create and use the offering by 95% and invest some of the savings into more benefits not offered by competitors for customers and other stakeholders; and

3. Accelerate recruitment of new customers to 20 times the best rate of any competitors.

On the surface, that sounds like three times the work of creating one 2,000 percent solution. That’s right. But because the benefits multiply against each dimension, the effect is to increase profits by 800,000 percent over a conventional competitor. That’s worth three times the effort.

To make this process easier, I have decided to create The Billionaire Entrepreneurs’ Master Mind.

Members will develop new business models that combine the three essential 2,000 percent solutions into their business models. In doing this, they will be supported by their fellow entrepreneurs in the Master Mind and by me.

Each member will receive these benefits:

1. Detailed directions, examples and coaching for how to create these three 2,000 percent solutions.

2. Regular tele-seminars exploring the creation of superior business models built from these three 2,000 percent solutions and how to implement them.

3. Introductions to fellow master mind members with complementary interests and talents to pursue joint ventures and other collaborations.

4. Publicity about their ventures and introductions to investors where those benefits are desired and appropriate.

5. Twice a year evaluations of business models and plans.

6. The option to exclude potential competitors from the master mind while in the group.

The charge for these services will be one annual fee that covers membership for up to 12 months. All staff services for the master mind will be provided by me. I am co-author of The 2,000 Percent Solution, The 2,000 Percent Solution Workbook, The Irresistible Growth Enterprise, The Ultimate Competitive Advantage and the forthcoming The 2,000 Percent Squared Solution.

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