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Follow Mitchell's Law to Achieve Your Dreams in 2006

Good morning, Billion Dollar Business Creators!

Are you feeling motivated this morning? I hope so. I certainly know that I am.

Let me share one idea with you . . . that may be more valuable than any other idea you can apply in 2006.

Management gurus all have their ideas about how to make you more effective. Here are some of the practices that they advocate:

Time management
Management by objectives
Six Sigma quality
Non-stop innovation
Top grading
Team building
Employee ownership

and on it goes.

There's a problem with what they propose: Such solutions ignore the potential of compound expansion of benefits.

Let me explain. If you gain a benefit in one area, your organization's results improve only by that amount . . . unless the benefit triggers a gain in another area. It's like having a saving account that earns interest for one year, but doesn't earn any interest after that year.

Why does that occur? Competitors are improving every year. By next year, they have matched your gain in some other area and your improvement no longer adds more profit and cash flow.

When you link together larger gains that multiply their organizational benefits faster than competitors, you create ever increasing scales of benefit.

Here's an example. Imagine that a company finds a way to expand its sales by 20 times. That's a great breakthrough. The first year profit gain is likely to be equivalent of 30 years of normal progress!

But that's just the beginning. Now have the same company find a way to reduce its cost of providing its offerings by 95%. These cost savings multiply over the increased volume. The first year gain in earnings and profits is likely to be the equivalent of 600 years of normal progress (profits are now approximately 40,000 percent of the beginning level).

Don't stop now. Next have the same company be able to expand the market growth by 20 times annually. This multiples sales, profits and cash flow even faster because the company's ability to gain market share from the first improvement is further increased. The first year gain in earnings and profits is likely to be the equivalent of 12,000 years of normal progress (profits are now approximately 80,000 percent of the beginning level). And each year of market growth at that rate adds 20 times more profits.

We can keep going by putting in innovations to reduce capital needs by 95%. This means that free cash flow will increase by several hundred thousand percent.

By now, you are probably ready for Mitchell's Law:

Organizational growth in cash flow and value expands geometrically as a function of market growth times cost reductions faster than competitors times gains in market share times capital intensity reductions faster than competitors times use of lower cost capital than competitors.

Here's the mathematical expression of that law:


Organizational Growth in Cash Flow and Value = OG

Market Growth = MG

Cost Reductions Faster than Competitors = CR

Market Share Gains = MSG

Capital Intensity Reductions Faster than Competitors = CIR

Use of Lower Cost Capital than Competitors = ULCC

If you have questions about Mitchell's Law, please make comments on this blog post or contact me at Please label your subject as "Mitchell's Law" so I will know to be sure to look at your e-mail.

Donald W. Mitchell
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Major in 2,000 Percent Solution Processes at Rushmore University for Greater Success!

Good morning, Billion Dollar Business Creators!

Are you feeling motivated this morning? I certainly hope so. I know that I am!

I have a nice surprise for you this morning!

Rushmore University has just announced that it will now be offering masters and doctoral degrees in creating exponential organizational success via 2,000 percent solution studies. I will teach all of these courses.

You can apply The 2,000 Percent Solution Process to any subject that Rushmore offers courses in.

For more details, go to:

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Here are some descriptions of experiences that others have had with my popular introductory course on this subject:

“Professor Donald Mitchell brought me to a whole new world. I used the course based on The 2,000 Percent Solution and The 2,000 Percent Solution Workbook to establish a strikingly promising business strategy for my company, which other business courses failed to help me provide. Now I am doubling my company’s business and profit very rapidly and realizing my dream: Exponential Business Success.”

–Hiroshi Fukushi

President, FD Green Co., Ltd., Thailand; Managing Director, AET Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Thailand; and Director, Ajinomoto Co. Ltd., Thailand

“This course obliterated my complacency. Our business has turned the corner due to application of the 2,000 percent solution principle. No more 6% interest on medium risk financial investments – 40% in 9 months, an annualized 755% improvement. The blinkers have gone.”

–William Kempen

Partner, Impact Human Resources, South Africa

“Donald Mitchell’s on-line tutorial alerted me to company stalls that must be avoided. It was very instructive to learn how not to do something. The creation of a 2,000 percent solution showed me that there are always better, cheaper and more effective ways to organize any business activity.”

–Neil R. McGrath

CEO, Application Developers Pty. Ltd., Australia

The ‘Exponential Business Success’ course is quite ideal for small entrepreneurs and those working for reputable organisations to create solutions to the many snags that retard an enterprise’s exponential growth. The course is a powerful tool for those who are keen to bring significant change in their personal lives and organizations they work for.

“I am one of many students who have benefited greatly from this course. I am not only an effective member of my family and the organisation I work for but a visionary affiliate of my society as well.

“The author of the books The 2,000 Percent Solution and The 2,000 Percent Solution Workbook, Professor Donald Mitchell uses both resources to mentor his students in a more practical way. The first book takes the learner through stalls, stall busters commonly found in any organisation and the eight steps towards creating a valuable business solution … while The 2,000 Percent Solution Workbook guides the learner through a series of practical applications of the 2,000 Percent Solution process You do not need to go to class for the course is offered on-line.”

–Jacob V. Yesaya

Senior Lecturer in Vocational Education, Department of Vocational Education and Training, Botswana

“This course enabled me to explore comprehensively all aspects of my organisation, ranging from the traditions we follow blindly, the complacency which had set in the way we serve our customers, the unnecessary bureaucracy and the blind spots in me and in my organization. This course helped me immensely in learning and acquiring expertise and know-how on how to manage and discipline my thinking, to be more creative, and build my self-confidence in my ability to make a big positive difference in other peoples’ lives.”

–Elijah Chingosho

Associate Professor, Rushmore University, Africa

“Under the wonderful guidance of my advisor, Professor Donald Mitchell, I developed goals, new habits and skills to achieve professional as well as personal success to lead a happy life.”

–Burra Ramulu

Supervisor, SAFCO-3, Saudi Arabia

“When our effectiveness suffers because of stalled mind-sets, when our productivity is low, because we are stuck in bad habits that disfavour our projects, 2,000 percent solutions are effective answers. In his courses, Donald Mitchell shows students how to identify stalls and break through them by creating 2,000 percent solutions. I have found this idea of creating stall busters that supply exponential success highly useful in my professional and private life. Once people identify the main problems and create the ‘right’ solution to tackle them, not only do you solve the problem that you had in the first place, but you might also find yourself solving problems that you didn’t think that you even had and get results that you never even thought you could achieve. Donald Mitchell’s courses on the 2,000 percent solution are a highly beneficial lesson to any students who want to get things right and reach goals beyond their expectations.”

–Oliver Haggenmuller

Executive, Switzerland

“I found Don Mitchell’s 8-step process an excellent practical tool to demolish all hindering forces and barriers in my work. The 2,000 Percent Solution gave me insight to look far beyond the limitations of my present reality. His feedback was very precise in a way that pinpointed the key areas where the performance of my business could be dramatically improved.”

–Roy Rissanen

MBA, Missionary Pilot, Africa

"The 2,000 Percent Solution course under the guidance and the kindness of author Professor Donald Mitchell has been a delightful experience. Easy and fun, I studied chapter after chapter with facility. The logical process and the selected examples make this book accessible to everyone."

- Alain Pierre Mignon

Executive, Indonesia

Beginning this week, I began hosting a series of three free one-hour conference calls in which you can join to hear me describe The Billionaire Entrepreneurs' Master Mind. As part of these calls, I will be describing more about creating 2,000 percent solutions.

Before each call you plan to join, I suggest you send me your questions by e-mail so I can focus on what interests you most.

I will also create a FAQ section to answer those questions after I have a better sense of what aspects are of most interest.

Send your questions by e-mail to and label it "I Have a Question about Building a Billion Dollar Business" in the subject line.

Here's the Call-in Information:

Call Dates and Times:

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