Friday, December 23, 2005

Create Beauty and Goodness with Your Billion Dollar Business

Good morning, Billion Dollar Business Creators!

Are you feeling motivated this morning? I certainly hope so. I know that I am!

For some people, establishing a billion dollar business seems like the height of pride and greed.

I understand and appreciate that perspective because it's an accurate one for describing what many entrepreneurs want to do. Behind the entrepreneur's desire to create such an enterprise can be wishes to show oneself to be superior to others and to loll in endlessly multiplying wealth. Both wishes are well known to all those who passed through the age of four.

But establishing a billion dollar business can be something else entirely.

God calls some of us to be able to paint, sing, sculpt, write music, write novels and poetry and make experiments in such wonderful ways that others cannot get enough of what we produce.

Founding and building a billion dollar business can be a similar act of positive creation.

In recent posts to this blog, I've written a lot about Ryanair. Let me mention a few things that occur every day because Ryanair has succeeded:

1. Families get together more often at holidays than they did before.

2. Children are able to visit other parts of Europe that they wouldn't have otherwise seen and become more understanding adults from these experiences.

3. Thousands of people are able to work in the airline industry and enjoy free flights who otherwise wouldn't be able to do so.

4. Families who own stock in the company are able to afford better educations for their children and better retirements.

5. Meetings take place that help all of us solve health and wellness problems.

6. Airplane manufacturers are able to employ many more people and those families benefit in similar ways.

Building a billion dollar business can also be an act of prayer.

Here's what I mean. If you build an enterprise that serves God and His purposes, you are doing God's work. God's work isn't limited to what ministers and pastors do. It includes many other ways to minister to people such as by helping them to become healthier, more loving and wiser.

So before you launch yourself into developing your billion dollar business, ask yourself, "How can I serve God in building a billion dollar business?"

Pray for an answer to that question and meditate on the question. You are likely to find yourself inspired by the most wonderful thoughts.

With that inspiration burning within you, your life will be transformed in delightful Godly ways.

Thousands will want to help you. Other thousands will want to buy from you. Still other thousands will pray for your success.

May God bless you and your search for a Godly purpose for your billion dollar business!

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May God bless you. Merry Christmas!

Donald W. Mitchell

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